Overheard In Our House #8

Watching the Little Einsteins and they are talking about a machine with 3 pieces.  I told the girls that it was just like them – 1, 2, 3.  V said, “Yeah!  And we’re going to get another baby at the store tonight!”

Ummm…Baby girl, do you know something I don’t?


Overheard In Our House #6

I recently got a text from the nanny while I was at work that stated:  “V thinks some of her fruit snacks look like Jesus.  Just an fyi that she came up w/ this all on her own.  The other ones look like the intended Disney characters in her eyes.”

I got warm fuzzies that she thinks and talks about Jesus.

Then I got this text a few days later:  “Direct quote from V this morning as she’s playing with the sorting multicolored bowls that fit together:  ‘Can we all celebrate our balls?'”

I didn’t get as many warm fuzzies from that one but I did get a good laugh (which I really needed lately).

Overheard In Our House #5

One Saturday morning recently, I let V come into the bathroom while I showered and prepared for the day.  As I was getting ready to brush my hair she said “You brush the black ones and I’ll brush the grey ones.”

It took me a few minutes to figure out what she meant – mostly because I didn’t think I had any grey hairs!  What she meant to say was “You brush with the black brush and I’ll brush with the grey comb.”

Ah, what a difference a couple of words makes!

Overheard In Our House #4

Of course, as soon as I got #3 posted, V came up with a gem that I had to share.

There was a loud motor outside for a few seconds (perhaps a tire being pumped up or something) and V popped up and said “I think Daddy’s snoring loud!  Daddy’s snoring loud upstairs.”

While I normally am more than willing to attribute loud noises to C’s snoring, I did let V know that that was not the case today.

Overheard In Our House #3

From V:  Whenever she and I are being particularly stubborn with each other lately, she seems to fall back on “Mommy, go to work!”  The only response I can really give to that is *sigh*.

From L:  “Hi!”  It’s the only word besides dada that she knows consistently.  But she will say it to you when you say it to her.  It sometimes feels like this scene from the Big Bang Theory (starting around the 45 second mark).

From S:  She’s not saying too much lately other than babbling and growling like a gremlin.  But she has started waving bye bye.  I’m loving it!

PS – If you are in the Richmond, VA area this weekend and happen to see this on 5/19/13, go to the Lebanese Food Festival.  Just go.  The girls have all given it the thumbs up (the twins for the food, V for the play area).