A Day In The Life

It started off as a fairly normal Saturday.  C went to work but would be home in time for a late lunch.  The girls and I had waffles for breakfast, watched some cartoons, colored, and practiced holding crayons correctly.  Since we are going to Mass tonight instead of tomorrow, baths were moved up to before naptime.

And that’s where things got a little crazy.  I took S up first since she finished lunch first.  While I ran the water, I got V’s Nook and started a scriptural rosary podcast.  Honestly, I can’t tell you which set of mysteries I listened to.

I put S in the water and she started playing a bit.  The next thing I know, she’s squatting in an all too familiar position.  I scooped out all the bath toys quickly, let her finish her business, and then pulled her out.  As I was cleaning out the poop, draining the water, and spraying everything down, C brought L up for her bath.  At least he was able to distract them while I cleaned the tub and ran the water again.

We got L and S back in the tub and C went back downstairs to get V ready.  Thankfully, I was able to scrub the twins with no major incidents though L had squirmed so much I still couldn’t focus on the rosary.

Just as I was about to pull them out and dry them off, L squatted down.  I tried to get her over the potty but she squirmed so much the situation just got worse.  I put her back in the water to finish up and got S (who was trying to grab the poop) and the toys out.  When she was done, L came out too.

I started the cleaning process all over again and called to C for help.  When he got to the top of the stairs, he found 2 naked 19 month olds streaking around and me cleaning poop out of the tub again and off the toilet.  He just started laughing.

Eventually he stopped laughing (well for the most part) and took charge of the girls.  After he got S dressed, he went looking for L and found her in V’s toddler bed, wrapped up in a quilt and snuggling V’s kitty cat toy – still completely naked.  That’s about the time the scriptural rosary ended and I think I had followed maybe 4 prayers.

Just one of those days where all I can do is shake my head and laugh.  Mass will be very interesting.