Never Forget the Hangry

I forget exactly where I first heard the term “hangry.”  I think it was (great site with wonderful forums, by the way).  Regardless, when I first heard the term, I thought it fit V perfectly.  Perhaps it is due to how little she eats at any given time but when she gets hungry it is a lot more difficult to interact with her.
A few weekends ago we were at my in-laws’ house for Mothers Day and in the chaos, I forgot to make sure V got an afternoon snack (she’d been too busy running around to eat lunch).  So by the time we needed to leave for church, it seemed like all hell broke loose.  I was trying to get clean training pants on her and she threw the absolute worst tantrum I have ever seen from her.  She was literally flailing on the floor.  It took both C and me to wrestle her into training pants.  It was bad – very, very bad.
We finally got to church and the fact that she’d barely eaten that day dawned on me.  Luckily, I never go anywhere without Cheerios, crackers, or something in my diaper bag.  I fished around in the abyss and finally came up with yogurt-covered raisins.  After 3 or 4 handfuls, it was like a completely different child was sitting beside me on the church pew.  V was less whiny and more cooperative.
Whenever the hangry starts rearing its ugly head, I just have to remember to try some food before getting too frustrated with V (or even L or S).  Heck, I can even get hangry sometimes, especially when I’m breastfeeding.  Who says chocolate can’t fix anything?

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