Treasured Moments #2

Last Tuesday was my birthday and my mother-in-law graciously called in the afternoon to let me know that she would be bringing dinner by so I didn’t have to cook.  So when I got home from work I got to just relax and play with the girls, something that doesn’t happen nearly as much as I would like.  When I walked in, our friend who was keeping the girls that day had a Disney radio station playing on Pandora.  At one point, that song from trashing the camp in Tarzan came on and I was spinning around while holding V.  I looked over and L was doing a really good job of copying me.  It was awesome to see.

Then I took today off of work because of L & S’s birthday and the subsequent party this weekend.  I had a different Pandora station on and was dancing around with the girls.  At one point I looked over and L was bouncing up and down, trying to imitate my movies.

I may not be the best dancer in the world but I love dancing with my girls!


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