Overheard In Our House #3

From V:  Whenever she and I are being particularly stubborn with each other lately, she seems to fall back on “Mommy, go to work!”  The only response I can really give to that is *sigh*.

From L:  “Hi!”  It’s the only word besides dada that she knows consistently.  But she will say it to you when you say it to her.  It sometimes feels like this scene from the Big Bang Theory (starting around the 45 second mark).

From S:  She’s not saying too much lately other than babbling and growling like a gremlin.  But she has started waving bye bye.  I’m loving it!

PS – If you are in the Richmond, VA area this weekend and happen to see this on 5/19/13, go to the Lebanese Food Festival.  Just go.  The girls have all given it the thumbs up (the twins for the food, V for the play area).


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