To the Park

It’s been a while since I got a post up.  Life has been a little hectic with sickness, work issues, daycare issues, and life in general but I think things are settling back down a bit now.  Last Saturday, C and I picked up some food from McDonalds and took the girls to Deep Run Park.  V was no longer interested in her Happy Meal when she saw the playground and getting her to eat anything was a battle.  The twins, on the other hand, were rather cooperative…maybe because they were being held captive:


PS – I love how S has her feet propped on the back of L’s seat.

V was her typical self – a bit reserved at first but once she acclimated, she was in to everything.  She particularly liked a play set that looks like a wagon and kept calling it the Cinderella slide.  I have a couple pics of V running around but they are locked up on my work phone and the camera, which I seem to have misplaced yet again.

The twins got to “slide” with help a couple times but what really got them excited was the swings.  It took a while but two of the baby swings side-by-side opened up so I snagged them and oh the giggles!

The fun and adventures continued the next day when my parents came up.  They brought a brand spanking new sandbox for the girls.  V is in love with it and once you get her in it she doesn’t want to get out.  Typical 3 year old.

All-in-all the spring weather is doing wonders for everyone’s spirits.  C is finally in a position where he won’t necessarily have to work every Saturday so we get a little more family time some weekends.  And with L and S about to turn 1 it feels like we’re slowly getting out of the survival mode that we’ve been in since they were born.

With any luck, there will be more trips to the park in the near future.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll even feel brave enough to do it alone!


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