A whole year…

I still find it hard to believe that I had 2 babies on the same day.  And now it’s hard to believe that that day was a year ago.  Not much else to say except wow…..

Trouble and blessings times 2


Miss L


Miss S


So incredibly blessed



Treasured Moments #2

Last Tuesday was my birthday and my mother-in-law graciously called in the afternoon to let me know that she would be bringing dinner by so I didn’t have to cook.  So when I got home from work I got to just relax and play with the girls, something that doesn’t happen nearly as much as I would like.  When I walked in, our friend who was keeping the girls that day had a Disney radio station playing on Pandora.  At one point, that song from trashing the camp in Tarzan came on and I was spinning around while holding V.  I looked over and L was doing a really good job of copying me.  It was awesome to see.

Then I took today off of work because of L & S’s birthday and the subsequent party this weekend.  I had a different Pandora station on and was dancing around with the girls.  At one point I looked over and L was bouncing up and down, trying to imitate my movies.

I may not be the best dancer in the world but I love dancing with my girls!

Overheard In Our House #4

Of course, as soon as I got #3 posted, V came up with a gem that I had to share.

There was a loud motor outside for a few seconds (perhaps a tire being pumped up or something) and V popped up and said “I think Daddy’s snoring loud!  Daddy’s snoring loud upstairs.”

While I normally am more than willing to attribute loud noises to C’s snoring, I did let V know that that was not the case today.

Overheard In Our House #3

From V:  Whenever she and I are being particularly stubborn with each other lately, she seems to fall back on “Mommy, go to work!”  The only response I can really give to that is *sigh*.

From L:  “Hi!”  It’s the only word besides dada that she knows consistently.  But she will say it to you when you say it to her.  It sometimes feels like this scene from the Big Bang Theory (starting around the 45 second mark).

From S:  She’s not saying too much lately other than babbling and growling like a gremlin.  But she has started waving bye bye.  I’m loving it!

PS – If you are in the Richmond, VA area this weekend and happen to see this on 5/19/13, go to the Lebanese Food Festival.  Just go.  The girls have all given it the thumbs up (the twins for the food, V for the play area).

Treasured Moments #1

That image of a mother holding a sleeping baby never lasts long for me.  After the first few months all 3 of my girls decided that sleep only occurs in specified areas and mama’s arms just aren’t one of them.  Don’t get me wrong – I know that is good for them and that it saves me a ton of hassle but it is still bittersweet, particularly when we are out and see other kids fast asleep on mama or daddy’s shoulder.

So on those rare occasions that one of them actually falls asleep in my arms I try to cherish the moment.  Tonight it bit me in the butt because now S is back in her crib and not happy about it but I wouldn’t give up those few precious minutes for the world.

Great Deal – Train Tracks

Got a great deal at Amazon recently.  V loves Chuggington and I came across some add-on track that was dirt cheap and could be used without a starter pack.  This pack is just your normal straight and curved pieces of track with a couple small accessories.  The other pack is straight track that can be elevated with the pieces to raise the track.  The first pack was $6.05 and the second was $4.50.  So for less than $11 (not counting the price of trains which are not included in the add-on pack) I was able to set V up with this:


It’s enough to help entertain her while I get dinner together.  And since I got a train free with the Safari Adventures DVD the dollar investment was relatively low.

Now if I can just get V to stop freaking out when L and S go near it, we’ll be golden.