Home Improvements

It all started with the floor lamp.  L and S have been pulling up on that thing and have pulled it over at least 3 times.  The nanny was getting concerned and, honestly, after having caught the lamp with one hand while nursing a baby with the other not once but twice, I’m ready to admit that we had to do something.  So we moved it behind the super yard.

Perhaps I should explain.  L and S kept screwing with the computer in the corner of the room so we have surrounded it with several panels of a super yard.  Now they can’t randomly shut the computer off anymore.  If only we could get them to stop turning off the Xbox 360…but I digress.

By putting the floor lamp behind the super yard, it meant that if I came downstairs at night I would have to walk all the way across the room….in the dark…barefoot….and my kids love legos.  So off to Lowe’s we went.  We found 2 ceiling fans with light kits, picked the cheapest one and were out the door (after all the twins and kids comments).

I had an appointment to keep on Sunday (more on that below) so C started working on the removal and installation while I was gone.  When I got back, he had definitely been able to get the old one out and was making progress with the new.  He was a bit frustrated though…there were NO instructions in the box.  Long story short, we got the whole thing together but the light wouldn’t work (which was the whole point), realized we missed some of the wiring, found out we have squirrels in our attic, ran to church, picked up a squirrel trap, came home, and finally got it up and running all by ourselves with no help from an electrician or my daddy…

Yes.  I did say we have squirrels in the attic.  There is currently a trap up there now with peanuts waiting for his grubby little paws.  Apparently they have chewed a whole in the side of our townhouse.  Our neighbors have them too.  And the homeowner’s association won’t do repairs until they are gone.  So traps it is.  Wish us luck.

Was I content with ceiling fan replacement and squirrel removal?  Heck no.  I bought new throw pillows for the futon.  I bought a plant for the cutout between the kitchen and the living room.  And I bought a fitness gaming for the Xbox 360.

There is good reason for that.  That appointment I mentioned above?  That was to get fitted for a dress for my best friend’s wedding in June.  My body is all out of whack between the pregnancy and breastfeeding.  My bust is between a size 6 and a size 8.  My midwaist is a size 10 and my lower waist/whatever it is they measure down there is back down to a 6 or so.  They had 2 dress sizes that I could try on in the style that I was ordering – a 6 and a 16.  I tried on the 6.  It was snug but the longer I wore it, the better it seemed to fit.  So I ordered the 6.

To make sure I don’t utterly regret that move come May 17th-ish, I have finally decided to get off my butt and start working out some…at least tone the twin belly a bit.  I figure they are 11 months so I’m not quite as worried about my milk supply as I was 2 or 3 months ago.  And I figure the old “I have twins and a preschooler” line only works for so long.

The Kinect game was a logical choice for me as it a) allows me to work out in the comfort of my living room and b) sets challenges and goals in front of me.  It’s almost addictive.  As with many games, I find myself wanting to do just one more activity or burn just 10 more calories to get that nice little sticky star that I can’t even really touch but my avatar will have a blast with.

We’ll see how long any of it lasts.  I’m not exactly a Suzy Homemaker.  I don’t iron…ever.  I don’t do fancy decorative things.  I have no sense of style really.  But it felt good to make a few changes to the place, make it that much more our own.  And it actually feels good to be working out.  I can’t believe I just said that.  I’m the ultimate couch potato.  But it does.  And, on that astonished note, I will bid you all adieu.


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