The Horror! The Horror!

So the stomach bug has now made it through every member of the family.  Me last weekend.  V on Monday.  L & S at the same glorious time starting Tuesday night.  And C picked it up last night.  All I can say is thank goodness it didn’t hit all of us at once.  It was hard enough to deal with when it was spread out.  My work week got completely screwed up, starting with Monday morning.  Which isn’t the end of the world because at least my manager was off this week so I wasn’t getting little projects all over the place.  But still, it makes it realllllllly hard to feel even remotely productive.  I worked from home for 1.5 days.  I took .5 a day off.  I had to make up some time on evenings.  It was c.r.a.z.y.

I worked from home this morning, which was tough since all the girls were feeling good and active.  By the time 10 am rolled around, the only thing keeping me going was the thought that I was going to get OUT of the house come afternoon.  I didn’t care what I had to do.  So I worked until 12:30, made lunch, prepped the girls, and we were off to Toys R Us to use V’s coupon that she got back before her birthday *ahem* 2 months ago.

The trip had it’s ups and downs but it was sooooo good to get all the little munchkins out of the house.  Somewhere outdoors might have been more appropriate and allowed them to burn more energy but we’ve had high winds and dark skies all day so I wasn’t willing to tempt fate that much.  I did have one teeny weeny little incident where V decided to run for the exit while I was at the customer service desk but I snagged her, scolded her, and got everyone home safely.

All complaints aside, it could have been a much worse day.  V was fairly well behaved, just very very chatty.  L & S didn’t get into too much trouble.  Work was quiet so working from home and taking half a day off didn’t bother me too badly.  I’m sure C won’t look back on this day with warm fuzzies but it won’t got down as a top 10 worst for me.

Here’s hoping that things finally start to improve….it’s been a long 3 weeks.


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