Sally Sunshine

Just to show that my mood isn’t quite as sour as the last post or so might imply, I thought I’d share some of the good stuff that’s going on with the kids and life.

The weekend before last (you know, before the stomach bug of doom), we took the girls to an off-shoot of our local children’s museum made just for little kids.  C and I got in free thanks to a wonderful program from Bank of America called Museums on Us and the twins were free because they are under a year so we only had to pay for V.  And it’s a good thing that we didn’t pay for the twins because most of the time that we were in their play area, this is what they wanted to do:


But we were able to tear them away from the window from time to time and S got to practice standing and pulling up a bit.  She’ll be zipping through the house with her sisters in no time.


V got to ride the train that they have and I was really impressed with how well she followed directions.  Honestly, I was impressed with how she did the whole time we were there.  Except, of course, when it was time to leave.


Overall, the twins have been cruising past most of their developmental milestones – normally at different times but still with relative ease.  S has been clapping since January and L just clapped by herself for the first time this week but she’s very pleased with herself when she does it.


Yeah… I haven’t had the camera out while she was clapping yet.  You can expect a picture like that in, oh say, 6 months?  Anyway, that chicken leg got dropped all over the mall that I took the girls to a week ago just to get out.  We had a little daycare gap and I’ve been needing a break from work so I took the day off.  We spent an hour and a half or so walking around the mall, eating jelly beans, drinking milk/shakes (V still won’t get over the texture), and asking “What’s that?” a hundred million times.  And I got to pick up that chicken leg every time L dropped it…which was about every other step.  But it kept her pleased and her sister only snatched it away a couple of times in the side-by-side stroller that they had never been in before so I count it as a winner.

Back to the milestones, L has been walking really well for a few weeks now and S has been a little behind her on that (typical for gross motor skills and still at an average age) but she’s making progress.  I’ve heard reports that she’s trying to freestand more and I’m guessing it won’t be long now.


V has been up and down on the potty training.  Doing really well for a while and now it’s a fight every time we try to get her on the potty.  I’m going to do some ‘sperimenting this weekend and see if we can’t get her where she needs to be.  It’s exhausting having to fight with her every time we think she needs to go potty and I don’t have to do it all day every day.  In the meantime, she still loves dancing around the room…


Well, that’s all the cheeriness I can muster until I get some more sleep.  So as V used to say…seeyasoon!


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