Debbie Downer…

Having realized that I’ve barely begun blogging and all I’ve done is whine and complain so far, I determined last Friday would be the night I would write a positive, happy post about the cool stuff the kids are doing these days.  Then life repeatedly slapped me with a big ole fish in the face (for you Veggietales aficionados out there) so I’m going to take the Jonah the Asparagus route and whine about it.  Maybe if I use bullets, it won’t seem so bad?  Let’s see…

  • Tried working from home Friday morning.  Puh-leaze.  How people do that full time, I will never know.  I pulled out every trick in the Netflix folder, even Mickey Mouse could only hold my kids’ attention for 30 seconds before they were back on me again.
  • Finally got to work and the key was stuck in the ignition.  I sawed the wheel – no luck.  I put the car in gear and back out again – no luck.  I reversed, went forward, parked – no luck.  I finally just left the stupid key in the stupid ignition and took the remote with me so I could lock (I DID leave the parking break set so it wasn’t going anywhere…probably).
  • Work just, well, sucked.
  • Driving home my back started aching and I started feeling really bad.
  • I got home and started work on dinner after spending a lot of time in the bathroom.  Realized that either the toddler was going to have to go without milk or I was going to have to change dinner midstream.  Changed dinner midstream.
  • Got everyone else eating and proceeded to throw up.  Poor S got scared by the sound.
  • That night while I was dealing with another round, one of the pieces of plastic inside the toilet tank broke.  Simple fix with super glue right?  Except that didn’t work.  It took 4 trips to the store and over 12 hours for C to get it fixed because this type thing never happens when Lowes is open and you can get the exact part you need.
  • While C was running around at 2 am trying to do a patch job on the toilet, S woke up s.c.r.e.a.m.i.n.g and would not stop unless I held her.  But, wait, I had just thrown up everything I ate recently and I couldn’t even keep Sprite down and did’t have the energy to (safely) pin down a thrashing infant.  She was cutting a tooth and I had given her Motrin before bed but I gave her more and even that didn’t really help.  C ended up letting her cry it out in the pack-n-play downstairs after he got back.
  • I was supposed to order a dress for a wedding that I’m in that suddenly got moved up to June and when I finally felt up to going on Sunday, they were too busy to see me.  The only time I can get to this store is on the weekends so I’m going to have to do super duper rush delivery to get the dress in time to have any alterations made.
  • I finally started feeling better late Sunday evening.  Yay.  Just in time for work.  Got up Monday morning and V had gotten sick all over her room.

I don’t think the bullets helped much.  The good news is that V and I are both feeling much better now, the toilet is fixed (for the time being), the key DID come out of the ignition when I got home, we didn’t starve to death or have to do without staples thanks to C making a run to the store Friday (before the scramble for toilet parts), S either cut the tooth or will wake me up about it again another night, and I have an appointment to try on and order dresses this Sunday.  Work still kind of sucks but I can handle that.

As a reward for making it through all that self-pitying dreck, have a smile.


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