Hello Out There!

Welcome to my world!  Here’s the Cliff Notes version of my life (Are Cliff Notes even still around?  Should I say Spark Notes for the young’uns out there?):  I’m the mother of 3 girls under 3 and 1/2, including a set of twins.  I’ve been married to the love of my life for 5 years.  I converted to Catholicism 3 years ago.  I work full-time outside of the home as a fraud investigator/analyst for a bank.  My most common sins at reconciliation can usually be tied back to impatience and temper.

If you’re still reading, here’s some of the details.  I was born and raised on a farm in southeastern Virginia and was baptized as a Baptist.  I went to a small-town school where I thought I was a big shot.  Then I went to college and realized just how middle-of-the-road I was.  It actually worked out pretty well for me and I had a lot of fun but, alas, I graduated.  From there, I moved to the “big” city to get my master’s degree in Criminal Justice.

I hadn’t even started the program before I met and fell in love with my husband to be, C.  We got married a year later, I finished my degree, and then I got laid off.  I was lucky enough to find a good job in fraud at a bank fairly quickly.  It was about that time that I felt called to the Catholic Church.  C is a cradle Catholic and when we got married I agreed that we would raise the children Catholic but was determined that I would not convert just because of the marriage.  However, between attending mass every week and the help that I had gotten from our parish during that agonizing (though remarkably short) job hunt, my position changed.  I was confirmed in January of 2010 in the middle of an ice storm.

In February of 2010, one year and one day after I started that new job, I had V.  Life continued in its crazy way through V’s first year and a half – C had job difficulties, my job responsibilities were becoming ever more complex, V had weight gain issues, and I was a first-time mom just trying to figure it all out.  Then we got a positive pregnancy test that turned into the biggest surprise of our lives – twins!  In May 2012, I gave birth to two more beautiful girls, L & S, and began life as a mother to 3 kids under 2 and 1/2.  Now here we are – just trying to make it from one day to the next in this crazy thing called life.

That was still a pretty broad overview.  Over the next few weeks and months, I will publish my conversion story, the birth stories for the girls, and other background information that will help all of this craziness make a little more sense.  Those won’t be the bulk of the posts though.  Most of what I will be posting will be about my life, raising the girls, and how I make it through each day.  So please be patient with me as I learn the ropes and pray that Saint Monica doesn’t get run ragged interceding for me in the meantime!


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