A Day In The Life

It started off as a fairly normal Saturday.  C went to work but would be home in time for a late lunch.  The girls and I had waffles for breakfast, watched some cartoons, colored, and practiced holding crayons correctly.  Since we are going to Mass tonight instead of tomorrow, baths were moved up to before naptime.

And that’s where things got a little crazy.  I took S up first since she finished lunch first.  While I ran the water, I got V’s Nook and started a scriptural rosary podcast.  Honestly, I can’t tell you which set of mysteries I listened to.

I put S in the water and she started playing a bit.  The next thing I know, she’s squatting in an all too familiar position.  I scooped out all the bath toys quickly, let her finish her business, and then pulled her out.  As I was cleaning out the poop, draining the water, and spraying everything down, C brought L up for her bath.  At least he was able to distract them while I cleaned the tub and ran the water again.

We got L and S back in the tub and C went back downstairs to get V ready.  Thankfully, I was able to scrub the twins with no major incidents though L had squirmed so much I still couldn’t focus on the rosary.

Just as I was about to pull them out and dry them off, L squatted down.  I tried to get her over the potty but she squirmed so much the situation just got worse.  I put her back in the water to finish up and got S (who was trying to grab the poop) and the toys out.  When she was done, L came out too.

I started the cleaning process all over again and called to C for help.  When he got to the top of the stairs, he found 2 naked 19 month olds streaking around and me cleaning poop out of the tub again and off the toilet.  He just started laughing.

Eventually he stopped laughing (well for the most part) and took charge of the girls.  After he got S dressed, he went looking for L and found her in V’s toddler bed, wrapped up in a quilt and snuggling V’s kitty cat toy – still completely naked.  That’s about the time the scriptural rosary ended and I think I had followed maybe 4 prayers.

Just one of those days where all I can do is shake my head and laugh.  Mass will be very interesting.

Overheard In Our House #8

Watching the Little Einsteins and they are talking about a machine with 3 pieces.  I told the girls that it was just like them – 1, 2, 3.  V said, “Yeah!  And we’re going to get another baby at the store tonight!”

Ummm…Baby girl, do you know something I don’t?

The Unplanned

I apologize for my recent hiatus.  It was unplanned, I assure you.  I finally got that big promotion I’ve been working on so I was easing into that role.  And we had a family vacation that was long overdue.  There have also been a couple of very emotional events to mark the miscarriage mixed in there.

But it shouldn’t surprise me much that I didn’t plan this hiatus.  Not much in my life is ever really planned.  My career has been built on taking a series of opportunities as they arise, even when it seems like I’m going off track.  Even with this move into an analyst role, there is the possibility that I could end up being less of an analyst than we had anticipated though still in the same area.  Every time my manager asks if I have a problem with the potential change in responsibilities, I want to laugh.  I don’t have a set career plan other than not getting fired.  As long as I’m in a position that I like, I’ll be happy.

I also never planned to meet C and fall in love.  My assumption was that I wouldn’t marry until I was in my 30s and wouldn’t have kids until I was closer to 35.  Now I sit here at 29 years old, married for 6 years with 3 crazy kids.

Speaking of kids, that has probably been the least planned aspect of my life.  I keep getting asked if we “plan” to have another child or “plan” to try for a boy.  I didn’t “plan” to have our first child.


I had “planned” to wait at least 2 years between pregnancies and only made it 18 months. 


And #3 was certainly a surprise.  I don’t know of any way to plan for spontaneous twins.  Heck, I still do a double take some days and think to myself, “There’s 2 of them?  How did that happen?”


We didn’t plan our fourth child and we didn’t plan on the miscarriage.


If I had been the one laying out the events, I would not have ended up in a mausoleum full of other heartbroken families and 40 some odd tiny babies in a handful of tiny caskets.  C and I would never have sat there while the same deacon who married us asked us the name we had given to the child that we will never hold while giving us the “Blessing of Parents Who Have Miscarried.”  But I also wouldn’t have planned to have V when we were in a somewhat precarious financial situation.  And I wouldn’t have said, “Just for kicks, I want to have 2 newborns at once and make it a total of 3 kids under 3.”

Right now, I wouldn’t change a thing about how my first 3 children were conceived.  I am still struggling with acceptance of the miscarriage and how all of the events surrounding it unfolded.  My hope is that one day I will be able to look back on this painful time and, even if I can’t fully understand why it had to happen, at least be at peace with the fact that it did.

We won’t be “planning” any future children either.  In a sense, I yearn for that feeling of “deciding” that we are going to have another child.  It feels like that’s how things are done these days.  But in another way, I know that the way we approach family planning is better for our family and our situation.  I tend to over-analyze the situation and when I think of how to pay for everything or how to manage all the schedules or how to deal with all the crying and meltdowns (from myself and the kids), it’s easy for me to think “No more, at least for now.”  But God can see the bigger picture so much better than I can.  He knows my limitations better than I do and He also knows all of the resources that will be available to us that I may not always consider – whether that be a promotion or unexpected raise to help with finances or friends and family that graciously give their time to help get us through the day-to-day or even just how different I will be in time.

So the next time I get asked if we’re planning on having any more children, I’ll just shrug like I always do and say, “We’ll see.”

Overheard In Our House #6

I recently got a text from the nanny while I was at work that stated:  “V thinks some of her fruit snacks look like Jesus.  Just an fyi that she came up w/ this all on her own.  The other ones look like the intended Disney characters in her eyes.”

I got warm fuzzies that she thinks and talks about Jesus.

Then I got this text a few days later:  “Direct quote from V this morning as she’s playing with the sorting multicolored bowls that fit together:  ‘Can we all celebrate our balls?'”

I didn’t get as many warm fuzzies from that one but I did get a good laugh (which I really needed lately).

Photo Bomb

I am still working through a lot with the miscarriage and work is sucking what little creative juices I have left in me.  Since I haven’t posted pics in a while, I figured this would be a good time for a photo bomb of the girls.

First up, Miss S with her typical table manners:


Miss L is hardly any better:


In the meantime, Miss V reminds me of why I need to keep house a little better.  This gem was no doubt left on the camera by the nanny:


Miss S again.  You can actually see her under the layers of food this time:


Miss L enjoying her food and hamming it up for the camera:


Miss V, actually eating for once (who knew chili was the secret?):


Miss S and Pepaw playing the hat game:


Miss L, up close and personal – her favorite position:


Miss V – generically delicious:


Miss S – “What do you mean this isn’t right?”:


Miss L – “I’m not clingy; I just like close ups!”: